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Tales from the River, 2019 Mulvenna D, Prideaux M (eds), Stormbird Press, Parndana

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At a time when wild rivers are imperilled, Tales from the River presents a timely collection of river literature from twenty-one authors exploring our vital relationship with rivers and how they shape our lives. Featuring original writing by award winning authors, and exciting new voices in eco-literature, each writer draws on their wisdom, compassion, and ecological consciousness to create a range of dramatic and timely stories. The stories are grouped by eco-regions, showing that connections with rivers also exist across space. The book asks: How do we stop the terrible decline of our wild rivers? We protect what we love, by standing together on the bank of a river.

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Our rivers whisper their stories. Come closer—listen … (word docx)
Every river tells a story. Every great story reveals a river (word docx)


The beauty and extraordinary natural nuances of our rivers are wonderfully captured in this book. If we are to preserve and nurture this essential but threatened resource, then our motivation must come from the heart. The richly varied yet delightful chapters in this book are from the heart. The result is a powerful, emotional exhortation to preserve and regenerate this vital nourishing life-source. —Charles Massy, Call of the Reed-Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth

Rivers are story bearers.  In this volume, memories and murmurs, tragedies and travels, elegies and epics are borne to us on currents of masterful language.  Reading Tales from the River was like sailing the world anew on a vessel built of sheer joy. —Alyson Hagy, Ghosts of Wyoming and Scribe

Following a drop of fresh water from tiny, bubbling utterances to raging river mouths at salty oceans, is to observe its various life-giving properties. Rivers are at once transporting, physically and spiritually, and nuturing and nourishing on minute and grander scales. Through these em-passioned essays, the urgency of due recognition and effective protection of these integral watery arteries crisscrossing our planet, is absolutely evident.

Evocative and respectful, these essays portray that our rivers need us, as much as we need them. — Micheline Jenner, The Secret Life of Whales

This wonderful collection reminds us that rivers are far more than just sources of water: they nourish people’s fields and souls, they flow through our cities and our cultures. Protecting and restoring the world’s rivers requires us to value them for all their benefits: this book evokes these benefits and provides a powerful call for a re-evaluation of why rivers matter. — Stuart Orr, Leader Freshwater Practice, WWF

This beautiful celebration of the life giving power and seasonal pulse of rivers worldwide is timely and important. Rivers are threatened almost everywhere, and their life among the most imperilled of any habitat on Earth. These lyrical vignettes remind us to better appreciate rivers or risk losing much that we would sorely miss. —Callum Roberts, Ocean of Life: How our Seas are Changing. Professor of Marine Conservation at the University of York, UK.

This book gathers together stories of people around the world taking the pulse of the planet by enjoying, cherishing and defending waterways. Some explore rivers that still flow far from humanity’s touch; others discover the resilience of the natural world by paddling on stressed urban waterways–but every story reminds us that we need to love our rivers again. It’s a joyous read that will inspire you to plan your own riparian journey.—Rick Hodges, To Follow Elephants

Sample chapters

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Paddling the Sewershed, by Brice Partichelli (pdf, with cover)
Wilder Rivers—French Amazonia, by Donna Mulvenna (pdf, with cover)
Under the Shade of a Stringybark, by Margi Prideaux (pdf, with cover)

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Editors: Donna Mulvenna and Margi Prideaux
Genre: Literary nonfiction
Released: September 1, 2018
Size: 216×140 mm
Pages: 328pp
Format: Paperback and eBook
ISBNs: 978-1-925856-02-6 (pbk) 978-1-925856-03-3 (ebk)