Book Submissions

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to submit your work to us.

Stormbird Press publishes eco-literature (literary fiction, commercial fiction and nonfiction with an environmental theme) that communicates reverence for wildlife and nature conservation.

We do not publish stage/screenplays, poetry, comic books, cookbooks or translations. At this time, we do not publish books for children (picture books or middle-grade books). We are, however, open to submissions of novels for young adults, as long as the themes align with our publishing interests.

We are not a fee for service publishing house. If we decide we would like to publish your book, we will offer a traditional contract, based on the royalties model. At this early stage, we regret Stormbird Press is not in a position to offer author advances. We do compensate with higher royalties in our contracts.

To submit to us, email your proposal to editor [at] according to the following guidelines.

In the subject line of your email should be your name and manuscript title. In the body of the email provide a covering letter with the following information:

  1. manuscript title
  2. manuscript genre and category (e.g. nonfiction—environmental/nature/science writing or memoir; fiction—romance/drama/thriller or fantasy)
  3. include one line about the subject area
  4. name a commercial book that you see as a comparison to yours
  5. your proposed timeline to complete the manuscript
  6. your proposed manuscript word count (total count, including references)

At the end of the email provide your contact details, including your address and phone number.

Attached to the email provide two documents:

  1. a short synopsis (maximum 2 pages) and your comment on why you are the right person to write this book. Include any previous publishing and/or awards or residencies. Also include your proposed timeline to complete the manuscript and the word count (total count, including references) you are expecting to meet.
  2. the first 3 chapters (or the first 50 pages) of your manuscript, saved in one document.

These two separate documents must be in Word or PDF format. No other formats can be accepted.

Our preferred format for submissions is double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 points, with 30mm margins.

We do not accept hard copy submissions, so please do not post us your manuscript. It will be recycled.

Stormbird Press will be in contact with you via email within one month. Please note we cannot send individual acceptance or rejection letters. If you do not hear from us, assume we are not in a position to pursue your manuscript at this time.

We do not charge a reading fee. Nor do we offer specific comments on the manuscripts we reject.

Thank you for considering Stormbird Press and spreading a message of environmental awareness and social justice. We look forward to reading your work.

Stormbird Press does not review manuscripts currently under review with another publisher. By sending us your complete manuscript, you are implicitly acknowledging that it is not under consideration elsewhere.

Editing before submission

Before releasing your manuscript to any publisher for publication you need to have an editor inspect your manuscript. You’ve spent a long time writing your book. You want it to reach its maximum potential.

If your manuscript needs work, professional editing will ensure it is as polished and marketable to your target audience as possible.



Editing before publication

Once your manuscript has been accepted by us and has been typeset, Stormbird Press will read it thoroughly to pick up any remaining errors. Authors must commit to correcting all errors that are found before the book is released.

Book printing and distribution

Stormbird Press books are distributed to bricks and mortar independent booksellers via Ingram, and list all our titles with, Kobo,, Apple’s iBookstore, and the other major online retailers. Our printing is based in Australia. We also distribute to the main online ebook booksellers. We offer bookseller discounts.


Authors share responsibility for marketing titles after publication. Stormbird Press will focus on marketing towards booksellers. We do not have budgets for book tours and author promotion. Authors have a responsibility to for their own promotion. Authors should plan to actively use social media and other avenues, such as Amazon author pages, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and participating in blogs/forums. Authors should be open to doing local readings and book-signings if the opportunities present themselves.

Stormbird Press will generate and circulate press releases, create Stormbird Press author and title pages, actively promote titles in social media, and work with book-signing venues to have enough books on-hand for readings/signings if authors arrange these events.

While we wish we could, Stormbird Press offers no guarantee for book sales.