Surviving Doom

SuvivingDoom_Coverx400_ComingSoonThe world is a complicated place, with chaos and doom everywhere. Politics has become frightening, and climate change worsens an already bad situation. Isolated from the natural world, we are mourning the loss of nature and a simpler time. As individuals, it is easy to feel powerless and to give into the doom of denial. Paul W.Blythe, PhD, understands that changing our world for the better needs the attention of politicians, business leaders and experts but, inspired by the teachings of Victor Frankl who lived through the worst of WWII, Paul believes that individual efforts are also needed to match these changes.

Each parent, sister, brother, partner and friend has a profound ability to impact the relationships and the world around us. Our actions can ripple out to build a better society. As a psychologist and transpersonal counsellor, Paul explains the crucial skills we can all foster to survive the doom and create a better future.

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