An Invitation to Environmental Influencers

Truth to Power: Essential Messages to the World’s Leaders

The thin blue line where we live on Earth is teetering on the edge of an environmental tipping point. Islands of plastic now float in the ocean. Rivers no longer reach the sea. Ice isn’t forming in the Arctic, and the snow-caps on mountains have disappeared. Our planet is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals. There are pockets of hope and success, but the broad environmental indicators confirm we are failing—catastrophically. Billions of dollars of effort and goodwill are invested by civil society every year, yet humanity is still robbing the future. Why? This anthology is a collection of fearless, vital messages to the world’s leaders, from influential conservationists from across the world. In the time of our greatest need, they are essential messages of Truth to Power.

An Invitation to Environmental Influencers

Imagine, the UN General Assembly is holding a special meeting, where it’s not the diplomats, but the highest level of political leadership from each country in the room. Their attendance is driven by their concern for environmental decline from the peaks of the Himalayas, to the Mariana Trench, and pole to pole. You are personally invited to speak to this attentive audience, for 20 minutes.

This would be a remarkable meeting, and you recognise it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell them what really needs to be done to turn the world around. You wouldn’t waste the moment on something small. You wouldn’t vacillate about compromise. You would go straight to the heart of what is wrong, speaking with brutal frankness about what desperately needs to be done. If they hear your message, maybe things can really change. So, what will you say?

Sadly, that meeting isn’t scheduled. But it should be.

In the absence of political leadership, Stormbird Press is compiling vital messages of truth from influential conservationists from across the world. These messages, for the world’s leaders, will stand on the wisdom of experience, and years of insight. They will be clear, frank and fearless accounts of our current environmental problems and the road to solutions. In a time of our greatest need, they will be the essential messages of Truth to Power.

Truth to Power will be published in mid-2019.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Dr. Margi Prideaux at for more details.