Our Authors

JoséPalazzo_headshotJosé Truda Palazzo Jr.

José Truda Palazzo Jr is an environmental activist, writer and explorer who has dedicated himself to the environmental cause continuously for almost forty years. He is the author of Living Water: When Marine Biodiversity is Left to Thrive to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.

Donna MulvennaDonna Mulvenna

Donna Mulvenna is a horticulturist who writes from an office high in the rainforest canopy, reads from her sea kayak off the coast of the Atlantic, or hurtles along the Amazon’s wild rivers in a sprint canoe. She is the author of Happiness is Green to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.

PaulBlythe_headshotPaul W. Blythe

Paul W. Blythe is a psychologist and, transpersonal counsellor. He had the honour to counsel asylum seekers in immigration detention in Western Australia. Now in his eighth decade he is the author of Surviving Doom: Crucial Skills for a World in Chaos to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.

JessicaGroendenjik_headshotbJessica Groendenjik

Jessica is a Dutch conservationist and nature writer. She has been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Africa Geographic, Earthlines, Sevenseas, Earth Island Journal, Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine, and Zoomorphic. She is the co-author of All Things Breathe Alike to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.

MargiPrideaux_headshotMargi Prideaux

Margi is a wildlife policy writer, negotiator, and academic. She has worked within the conservation movement for 27 years, writing to inform policy audiences in more than 20 different international conservation processes. She is the author of Wild Tapestry to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.