Living Water


Marine wildlife is under siege around the world.

Overfishing, direct habitat degradation and the pervasive, long-term danger of climate change is threatening non-human species worldwide.

But it is not too late to reverse this trend—to reinstate healthy numbers of species or to save coral reefs.

The survival of our marine species and their habitat is dependent on one thing: a wider human interest in their conservation. Social legitimacy and bottom-up political pressure will reverse the dismal trend.

Marine Ecotourism is likely one of the most powerful tools in this regard. It delivers direct quality jobs, provides income for coastal communities, and puts millions in contact with the living wonders of the sea. Yet it is still largely neglected by policymakers, treated with contempt by academics, and often regarded as just another ‘impact’ on nature by conservationists. But is it?

José Truda Palazzo, Jr., one of the world’s most respected environmental activists embarked on a personal quest, to find out. The results are a book that provides a global perspective on non-extractive uses of marine wildlife, its histories, successes, challenges and threats to its sustainable fruition by global coastal communities.

Drawn from real-life cases, local pioneers and participants in activities involving a myriad of species provide their first-hand accounts and impressions.

With a marine conservation career spanning over four decades, José Truda Palazzo, Jr challenges those opposing Marine Ecotourism, and proposes an environmentally sustainable and socially beneficial alternative/model.

A veritable global uprising, at the public policy level, is all that is needed for the harmonious, sustainable and equitable management of marine wildlife.

Humankind can live alongside marine species without causing them harm.

About the Author

José Truda Palazzo Jr is an environmental activist, writer and explorer who has dedicated himself to the environmental cause continuously for almost forty years. In the 1970´s, when Brazil was still under a military dictatorship, he became one of Brazil’s leading voices against Japanese whaling in its waters and led a research and conservation project which ensured the recovery of a breeding population of Southern Right Whales in Southern Brazil.

Currently he serves as member of the International Committee on Marine Mammals and Protected Areas and in the IUCN Marine Mammals and Protected Areas Task Force and Tourism and Protected Areas Specialists Group. He is also an elected Life Member of the Australian Conservation Foundation and continuously participates in international campaigning for conservation initiatives in Australia, especially related to the marine environment and cofounded Divers for Sharks, now a 160,000+ strong international campaign working to halt the global decline of shark populations and restrict international trade in shark fins.

He is a keen diver with dives logged around the world but especially in his beloved Yap, Micronesia where he acts as Global Ambassador in promoting Yap’s unique natural and cultural heritage.


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Full title  Living Water
Author  José Truda Palazzo Jr.
AU$ 29.95 (pbk), 12.95 (ebk)

Release date  October 1, 2018
Territory  English language market
Paperback and eBook
Size  216x140mm
ISBN  978-1-925856-05-7 (pbk), 978-1-925856-07-1 (ebk)