Happiness is Green

Donna daydreams of pulling up stakes and starting a new life, never imagining a chance encounter with a new man will lead to a wild, impetuous decision that catapults her on a soul-changing journey.

Living in the Amazon rainforest, a host of curious jungle creatures visit her jungle shack, she narrowly dodges disaster on a raging river, and finds herself lost in a tropical swamp. Struck down by a tormenting tropical disease, and suffering from severe culture shock, she then embarks on a scientific field trip that alters the course of her life.

Tested mentally, physically and spiritually, it is hard for Donna to feel lost in the wilderness when pure joy pounds in her heart and she discovers the way to live her one precious life.

Despite being accosted by angry ants and battered by inclement weather, she works from a tree platform where she captures rare moments in the lives of wild animals, befriends a water-loving agouti rat, and forms a special bond with a tree, which persuades her it was her wild self who coerced her to travel over ten thousand miles so it could unleash itself.

Written with laugh-out-loud humour and deep compassion, Donna poignantly captures the isolation, challenges, and true beauty of the rainforest where she literally rises above the limitations of her once modern life.

Praise for Happiness is Green

‘For anyone who has ever dreamed of ditching corporate life for a foray into the wilds of nature and all the adventures that come with such a move, this book is for you. Its pages will allow you to travel vicariously, fascinated and inspired, as you watch Mulvenna’s adventure unfold. Her words might also shake something in your own soul, telling you it’s time to pick up and go.’—Jennie Goutet, Stars Upside Down

‘Like a contemporary Jane, Donna describes her experiences in the Amazonian area of French Guinea in a hilarious tone. She proves you don’t need Tarzan to worry about the well-being of the rainforests.’—Chris Honingh, The Pool: Fabulous Short Stories

‘Happiness is Green’ is a beautifully written book of one woman’s journey to find true health by reconnecting with nature. Donna Mulvenna’s story of her powerful relationship with a tree who shared so much wisdom with her is so touching and moving. This is such an important book for the times we live in. And it is a truly a stunning story!!’—Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval

‘In Happiness is Green, author Donna Mulvenna leaves behind a world of possessions in order to find a more meaningful place where she will find true happiness. After the silent echoes of “get out into nature” haunt her, she pursues a life in the French Guiana with her new partner Frank. In the green equatorial jungle, where there is no twilight, she finds exotic, humorous, and sometimes dangerous experiences. Her breathtaking, honest, and riveting prose takes the readers into the uncanny wild of the Amazon. This ride is a journey for all of us suffering through the downfalls and anxieties of a capitalist lifestyle. Donna exposes a new happiness found in the Amazonian rainforest–a return to nature and the wonder it brings.’—Mary Woodbury, Winds of Change

About the Author

Donna Mulvenna is a horticulturist, whose journey as a nature writer began when she moved to the Amazon rainforest. Donna is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers, and the author of Happiness is Green, Wild Roots—Coming Alive in the French Amazon, and The Awe of Nature. She co-authored All Things Breathe Alike: A Wildlife Anthology, and is the co-editor of Tales of the River.
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This book is a Whirlwind title–short books with bracing impact

Title Happiness is Green
Author Donna Mulvenna
RRP AU$29.95 (pbk), 12.95 (ebk)

Release date September 1, 2018
Territory English language market
Format Paperback and eBook
Size 203 x 128 mm
Pages 206pp
ISBN 978-1-925856-00-2 (pbk), 978-1-925856-01-9 (ebk)