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Since Stormbird Press began publishing books, passionate and inspiring bloggers have acted as one of the strongest voices in our campaign to defend nature and empower communities through the power of story.

If you are a like-minded blogger looking to broaden content and increase your reader engagement, we have a load of ‘post and go‘ content for your to use—covers, memes, interviews, book excerpts, author essays free ebooks, and discount codes where readers can buy paperback copies. All this content is free to post and go.

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Available ‘Post and Go’ Media Content

The Suicide Season

When demoralised Warren Yeats abandons his failing business, his ex-wife and his city lifestyle to embark on a road trip with more twists and turns than Sydney’s streets, he has no idea how gruelling the outback can be. Follow one of life’s nicest losers as he becomes a winner.

The Heresy Series

Jed Brody, SciFi
The Philodendrist Heresy
Danielle Gasket’s search for ancestral secrets is imperiled by warring factions that agree about nothing but that Danielle must die. Following a string of clues while eluding pursuit, she races through the dystopian city beneath the earth’s surface, toward the long-forgotten path of ascension to sunlight.
The Entropy Heresy
Having found a lushly forested paradise when she emerged into sunlight, Danielle discovers it is now in danger and she must return to the nightmarish underworld in search of an antidote to ancient poisons.

The Philodendrist Heresy

Jed Brody, SciFi
Welcome to the bizarre and chilling world of a subterranean future where all your needs have been anticipated and provided by society’s long dead planners . . . except freedom

To Follow Elephants

Rick Hodges, General fiction
A matriarch elephant teaches juveniles in the herd about the importance of loyalty as she leads them to a special place central to their beliefs about their creation–and helps the people among them learn more about themselves.

Happiness if Green

Donna only daydreams of pulling up stakes and starting a new life, until an impetuous decision catapults her on a soul-changing journey in the Amazon rainforest. Tested mentally, physically and spiritually it is hard for her to feel lost in the wilderness when pure joy pounds in her heart.

Tales from the River

Donna Mulvenna and Margi Prideaux (eds), Literary nonfiction
At a time when wild rivers are imperilled,  a timely collection of river literature from twenty-one authors exploring our vital relationship with rivers and how they shape our lives.