Happiness is Green

Happiness_Coverx400(temp)When Donna Mulvenna hits rock bottom, not even her love of nature can help. But that is before she goes to live in the Amazon rainforest where she is catapulted into a gripping adventure, swept into a world of spiritual visions, and shares daily encounters with wildlife. With laugh-out-loud humour and stirring poignancy, Donna shows what connecting with nature truly looks like. An impromptu field trip, living in a jungle shack, and forming a special bond with a tree, her insights on nature enliven every page of what is both a travel adventure and a deeply moving portrait of personal transformation.



About the Author

Donna Mulvenna is a horticulturist who writes from an office high in the rainforest canopy, reads from her sea kayak off the coast of the Atlantic, or hurtles along the Amazon’s wild rivers in a sprint canoe. She is the co-author of Shock and Awe to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.
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This book is a Whirlwind title–short books with bracing impact

Full title  Happiness is Green: Relighting your fire in the natural world
Author  Donna Mulvenna
Release date   April 2018
Format  Paperback and eBook
Size  203 x 128 mm