Birdsong After the Storm


We are failing to protect wildlife and marching towards a tragic future where the world is monetized and wildness is gone. We can design a different future – if we want to hear Birdsong After the Storm.

As we face the storm of climate change and political upheaval, we are designing a desolate future where the world is monetized and wildness is gone. A tiger’s footprints will not be seen in snowdrifts. The deep, pungent smell of elephant musth will not be carried on the wind. Humans may survive, but the world will be brittle and harsh. In this essay, that summarizes Global Environmental Governance, Civil Society and Wildlife, Margi Prideaux draws on her decades of experience as a wildlife activist, international negotiator and academic to explain what has brought society to the point where we are choosing between the market, people and wildlife. She describes how we can amplify voices from Africa, Asia and Latin America and, tapping their wisdom, explains how we can design a different future.

The tragic future doesn’t need to happen —we can choose to hear birdsong after the storm.

About the Author

Margi Prideaux is passionate about wildlife and the politics of protection. She has written about wildlife, international politics and law almost every day for the past 27 years. She is the author of Wild Tapestry: Weaving Wildlife Survival to be released by Stormbird Press in 2018.
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This book is a Whirlwind title–short books with bracing impact

Fully title   Birdsong After the Storm: Giving Power to Communities to Speak for Wildlife in International Environmental Governance
Author  Margi Prideaux
Release date 
Janaury 2018
RRP   AU$10.99
ISBN (pbk)   9780648022510
ISBN (ebk)   9780648022503
Format   Paperback and eBook
Size  203 x 128 mm
Extent  55 pp

Praise for Birdsong After the Storm

Micah White, author of The End of Protest

‘Clearsighted, passionate and inspiring, Margi Prideaux has written a vital reimagining of the destiny of environmental activism. Birdsong After the Storm is a clarion call for civil society to step forward and demand greater power. This important and wise book will reshape the thinking of activists, environmentalists, NGOs and policy makers.’

 Michael Edwards, Editor of Transformation, USA:

‘Margi Prideaux has done more than anyone to raise awareness of the need for grassroots voices to be heard in debates over nature, climate change and the environment. She deserves to be widely read.

Chapter Outline

Preface: Reflecting on a Storm
Chapter 1: A Storm is Coming
Chapter 2: Dark Clouds on the Horizon
– Wisdom from Nokoué
– Blinded by Our Own Spin
Chapter 3: Lightning Cracks and Thunder Rumbles
– Governments Behaving Badly, Corporations Behaving Worse
– The Davos Multistakeholder Governance Agenda
– Other Options
Chapter 4: Rain Pours
– An Example in the Spiti
– Illuminating a Path Through the Storm
Chapter 5: Radical Dreams
– Community-Centred Wildlife Governance
– The leap of faith
Chapter 6: Ensuring Birdsong After the Storm
– ‘We the Peoples’
– The Choice is Now