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Stormbird–powerful books about people and nature

We are excited to have four important titles for release under our Stormbird list in early 2018.

ShockAndAwe_Cover_webx200   wild_roots-book-cover2

WildTapestry_Cover_webx200   SuvivingDoom_Coverx200

And that’s not all. More titles are in the wind, including Living Water, by José Truda Palazzo Jr., and Tales from the River, edited by Donna Mulvenna. These Stormbird titles will be released in mid 2018.

Whirlwind–short books with bracing impact

We are also releasing four wonderful short titles under our Whirlwind list.

Happiness_Coverx200(temp)  Breathe_finalx200

Birdsong_finalx200  Awe_finalx200

Rainbird–significant books from the frontlines of conservation

In 2018 we will also launch our third list: Rainbird. For this list we will be partnering with conservation organisations to bring you their research and brilliant work in book form.