Code Red

by Marissa Slaven


In the exciting sequel to young adult eco-thriller, Code Blue, Atlantic (Tic) Brewer returns to the North East Science Academy where she and her fellow students are racing against the clock to save civilization from the results of the Change. 

Tic wants nothing more than to study and hang with her friends and do her best to forget the events of the last few months, especially her time in the North Atlantic on board the Joshua. But things go from bad to worse for Tic. She is more than relieved to get away from school and relax with Uncle Al and his family, even amidst the constant threat of wildfires.


But Tic just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. When her past catches up with her, it will take help from all her friends for Tic to survive and figure out what or who is behind the Change.

Far from your typical boarding-school adventure, Code Blue and Code Red challenges readers with questions relevant to our time.

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‘Once again Marissa Slaven reaches the head, heart, and gut with this sequel to Code Blue. It plunges the reader into a world of intrigue, dangers, and deep longings. Hold on tight for a wild and unexpected journey into our near future.’
—Peterson Toscano, Citizens Climate Radio

‘…when the intrinsic quality of the writing and the intellectual scope and vitality of the storytelling keeps engaging us, readers who do not deny we are living in frightening, challenging times, will reach for books like Station 11, Ship Breakers, The Pesthouse, The Road, The Dead Lands, Lighthouse Island and The Code Series.’
—Caroline Woodward, Woodward On Words

‘… a great service in spreading useful climate change information submerged within an enthralling and entertaining story.’
—Mike Muntisov, Court of the Grandchildren


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