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Defending nature and empowering communities through the power of story

Stories about our world, and our relationship with nature, have been told by people for thousands of years. It is how humanity shares our moral tales, empowers ourselves with knowledge, and passes wisdom to the future. In stories there is protection for what we love. Stormbird Press amplifies this wisdom by combining decades of global environmental conservation with professional publishing.

The collective story for our times is yet to be written, which is why we pose thought-provoking questions and provide illumination that readers can trust. Around campfires and hearths, beside streams, across tundras, under the shadow of mountains or the wide branches of mighty trees, Stormbird stories whisper both where we have been and where we are going.

Liberated to the flowing currents of our world, we deepen reader relationships with all species, and bridge the gulf between humanity’s cultural diversity and the rich tapestry of our biological universe. Only when diverse storytellers passionately give voice to people’s reverence and wisdom about nature can humanity write a beautiful story befitting our times. Then our collective story will soar like feathers in the wind.

Stormbird Press and the SDG Publishers Compact

Stormbird Press is already closely aligned to the SDG, through our Consultative Status as a UN ECOSOC organisation.  We are honoured to reinforce this connection by signing the United Nations SDG Publishers Compact to accelerate progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. We are:

1. Committing to the SDGs: Stating sustainability policies and targets on our website, including adherence to this Compact; incorporating SDGs and their targets as appropriate.

2. Actively promoting and acquiring content that advocates for themes represented by the SDGs, such as equality, sustainability, justice and safeguarding and strengthening the environment.

3. Annually reporting on progress towards achieving SDGs, sharing data and contribute to benchmarking activities, helping to share best practices and identify gaps that still need to be addressed.

4. Nominating a person who will promote SDG progress, acting as a point of contact and coordinating the SDG themes throughout the organization.

5. Raising awareness and promoting the SDGs among staff to increase awareness of SDG-related policies and goals and encouraging projects that will help achieve the SDGs by 2030.

6. Raising awareness and promoting the SDGs among suppliers, to advocate for SDGs and to collaborate on areas that need innovative actions and solutions.

7. Becoming an advocate to customers and stakeholders by promoting and actively communicating about the SDG agenda through marketing, websites, promotions and projects.

8. Collaborating across cities, countries, and continents with other signatories and organizations to develop, localize and scale projects that will advance progress on the SDGs individually or through their Publishing Association.

9. Dedicating budget and other resources towards accelerating progress for SDG-dedicated projects and promoting SDG principles.

10. Taking action on at least one SDG goal, either as an individual publisher or through your national publishing association and sharing progress annually.

In addition to our broad commitment to each of these 10 areas, for 2021 our focus will be on quantifying our contributions to SDG 13: Climate Action, SDG 14: Life Below Water, SDG 15: Life on Land, and SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

These measures are not now to us. Stormbird Press is deeply connected to the global environment movement, as an imprint of Wild Migration—a not-for-profit conservation organisation that has worked around the world for years to build the participation capacity of wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts and civil society, to secure international wildlife conservation. We know that if local communities are empowered, they can be guardians of their biological and cultural heritage and the wildlife they live with. Indeed, we believe the rich tapestry and diversity of life includes human and non-human cultures.

Stormbird Press releases eight new titles each year.


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