About Us

Defending nature and empowering communities through the power of story.

Stories about our world, and our relationship with nature, have been told by people for thousands of years. It is how we share our moral tales, empower ourselves with knowledge, and pass wisdom to the future.

So often, those stories are connected to birds and feathers—for their affiliation with the air and heavens, and for the power of feathers to evoke charity, hope, faith, and express celestial wisdom.

The feathers Stormbird Press liberates to the flowing currents of our world are stories about our connection with the environment. Our titles all passionately communicate people’s reverence, wisdom, and inspiration about the places, plants and animals, habitats and ecosystems, of our shared home—Earth. They whisper where we’ve been and where we are going.

Around campfires and hearths, beside streams, across tundras, under the shadow of mountains or the wide branches of mighty trees, and in the pages of Stormbird’s books, people’s stories and wisdom carry like feathers in the wind.


Stormbird Press is deeply connected to the global environment movement, as an imprint of Wild Migration—a not-for-profit conservation organisation that has worked around the world for years to build the participation capacity of wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts and civil society, to secure international wildlife conservation. We know that if local communities are empowered, they can be guardians of their biological and cultural heritage and the wildlife they live with. Indeed, we believe the rich tapestry and diversity of life includes human and non-human cultures.

Stormbird Press releases eight new titles each year.


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