Partnering with Moon Willow Press

We are thrilled to announce that Stormbird Press is partnering with Moon Willow Press a fellow independent niche publisher committed to helping sustain forests while celebrating the written word.

Moon Willow Press opened in 2009 and began publishing print titles in 2011. Located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Moon Willow Press has published fiction, nonfiction, and prose that explore science, nature, and culture. Over the past year, Moon Willow’s owner, Mary Woodbury, has been a treasured advisor to members of the Stormbird team as we chart our similar path.

Moon Willow Press will be transitioning many titles to Stormbird in the coming years, starting in the Southern Hemisphere autumn of 2019. We’ve already had the wonderful opportunity to work with Moon Willow and their authors on the Tales of the River anthology and share a commitment to bringing forward the important subject matter and editorial integrity found at Moon Willow Press. It’s an honour for us to be able to transition some of Moon Willow’s titles to a bigger team of people, and to celebrate that transition with donations to Trees, Water & People, where, for years, Moon Willow Press has been donating a portion of book sales to the planting of native trees in ecologically and economically depressed area.

We are also excited that Stormbird Press team members will have editorial access to the eco-literature project sites and, which together provide an online storytelling portal for writers, academics, publishers, and readers. Their motto is ‘blowing your mind with wild words and worlds‘.